Is Hot Toys Addiction a Real Thing? Investigating Plastic Crack?

Many collectors spend tens of thousands of dollars collecting hundreds of Hot Toys. This could cause concern, more so because of how expensive they are, that collectors are never satisfied with one, and the cost of living nowadays is not cheap. These factors are the making of a real addiction, so let’s find out if it is.

Hot Toys can be considered a real addiction, with the definition of addiction being a compulsive need and use of a habit-forming substance. Although not considered a harmful substance, the mental aspect of acquiring and collecting Hot Toys plays a role in how a collector feels. Some even admit to it, saying that they get a rush after acquiring certain collectibles.

Let’s look at why Hot Toys are considered addictive and why collectors can’t help themselves in this ever-growing need to expand their Hot Toys collection. In addition to that, we’ll also take a look at how to manage this obsession.

Hot Toys Addiction overview

Many collectors of Hot Toys collectibles spend thousands of dollars not only on their collection but even per month on their collection, trying to feed what you may call an addiction. Some collectors take it to the extremes of spending too much and neglecting to consider other billsOpens in a new tab. such as rent and food.

Due to the fact that Hot Toys are not cheap, this can cause a problem in an individual’s life and especially if they have a partner who doesn’t understand the obsession. Even the YouTube influencer King Zachary grew his collectionOpens in a new tab. to an obscene amount in the span of two years.

Many people actually state that they have an addictionOpens in a new tab. to collecting Hot Toys, and some are even proud of it. Granted, all these collectors are adults, and most of them manage to live a healthy life even though continuously purchasing Hot Toys must cost a fortune.

In addition to King Zachary, many other YouTube influencers have spent tens of thousands of dollars and have collected hundreds of Hot Toys.

What is an addiction

By understanding what the definition of an addiction is, perhaps we can correlate it to people’s obsession with Hot Toys, and then we can determine if addiction or obsession to the 1/6 scale collectibles is actually real.

Addiction can be definedOpens in a new tab. as the compulsive and constant need for and the use of a habit-forming substance. Keep in mind the substance is not the main focus of addiction but rather the mindset of an individual that the substance contributes towards. It is accepted as a mental illness in society and results in substantial health, social and economic problems. It used to be considered a part of a personality disorder but now is considered a clinical syndrome. Addiction is influenced by many factors that include environmental factors and interplay between two parties or elements.

If we consider Hot Toys and try to place it into this definition, we can see that for some people, the acquiring of these collectibles is an addiction, and for the most part, they won’t and can’t stop.

Some collectors even describe it as a real rushOpens in a new tab. when they acquire a rare collectible they have been searching or saving for. In addition to the feeling, they get when they complete a part of a collection or all of it. They say that the rush and the sense of fulfillment is real.

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How to manage a Hot Toys addiction

Even though many collectors admit to having an addiction to collecting Hot Toys, they are still living healthy lives, contributing towards society, and in healthy relationships with collectors, having been married for decades with kids.

Unlike substance abuse, a Hot Toys addiction can be managed because, for the most part, it does not affect the mind like substance abuse (drugs and alcohol) does. Hence, most adults that are collectors manage to differentiate and separate the addiction, only spending a certain amount of their salary on their hobby. The main thing to keep in mind is that they always pay the bills and keep their financials in order and only spend what they can on their collection.

You might see collectors on YouTube with hundreds of Hot Toys costing thousands of dollars. However, remember that you do not know their financial situation and should not assume that having hundreds of Hot Toys worth tens of thousands of dollars is the norm.


We conclude that collecting Hot Toys can become and is a real addiction. Addiction is part of the mind, and Hot Toys is a supplement, if you will, fulfilling specific needs that other aspects of life can not when it comes to a collector.

Addiction can be detrimental to a person’s state of mind, health, physical and social well-being, and it can affect their personal lives in terms of relationships and finances.

Luckily enough, unlike substances such as drugs and alcohol, Hot Toys is not a substance that alters the brain and can thus be controlled for the most part. There are situations where a collector will go overboard, but I have never come across in all my research an individual who has lost their house due to a Hot Toys obsession and addiction.

In conclusion, Hot Toys are a fantastic hobby that will bring you hours of joy and fulfillment; Just take note to and pay the bills first and purchase your Hot Toys last.

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