8 Affordable Display Cabinets For Hot Toys & Sideshow Figures

Choosing a display cabinet for your Hot Toys, Sideshow figures, and other collectibles are a daunting task, mainly because being able to view and enjoy them is their sole purpose. What display cabinets are available, and where do you find them?

The company that has the widest variety of display cabinets for your collectibles at the lowest prices is IKEA. The best display cabinets are the DETOLF, MILSBO, FABRIKOR, BILLY, OXBERG, RUDSTA, BRIMNES, and KLINGSBO.

Finding suitable quality display cabinets for your collectibles is actually pretty tough, and we will discuss where is the best place to purchase them that gives you the most comprehensive choices and for under $200.

Collectible display cabinet overview

Obtaining a display cabinet for your high-end collectibles can be as difficult as acquiring your collection itself. Having a display cabinet that shows off your collectibles in a way that is visually appealing is half the battle after you have obtained part or all of your collection, and an excellent display cabinet can make that possible.

Some collectors focus on putting as much effort into finding, building, and customizing their display cabinets as they do in obtaining their collectibles, and this aspect of collecting should not be overlooked.

As we said, many collectors customize and build their cabinets to look terrific; however, in some regards, collectors like to collect for the sake of collecting, and this should be considered. Hence if you are a collector that loves to collect high-end figures and put them on your shelf, there is nothing wrong with that either.

However, we are sure that after you see these display cabinet options, you would consider purchasing even just one to really bring your collectibles to life, and that would portray them in a different light altogether.

Where to purchase display cabinets for your collectibles

For the most part, you could always build your own display cabinet; however, this would require knowledge of DIY, woodworking, glass cutting, and other forms of manual labor. If you are not adept at these forms of DIY, then it would be preferable to purchase a display case, and we have reviewed the best and cheapest for your perusal.

One thing to note is that the best possible place to purchase display cabinets that we have come across and are widely available no matter the region you are situated in is from IKEA. Amazon does have a handful of glass cases that you can choose from; however, when trying to purchase a cabinet for your collectibles, IKEA has the most comprehensive range at the best prices.

8 most affordable display cabinets for Hot Toys and Sideshow figures

All the display cabinets featured here from IKEA have glass doors, panels, shelves with various frames, and they are all below $200.


The Detolf is probably the most favored amongst collectors from the IKEA range, it is the least expensive, and it is basically wholly made of glass, allowing a full view of your collectibles.


  • Width: 16 3/4 “
  • Depth: 14 3/8 “
  • Height: 64 1/8 “
  • Max load/shelf: 8 lb

Check out the DETOLF at IKEA hereOpens in a new tab.


There are two variants of this display cabinet, one which is a vertical design and one which is a horizontal design. The MILSBO is stylish in its simplicity and looks great no matter where it is placed. It also features a locked door. 


  • Width: 28 3/4 “
  • Depth: 16 1/2 “
  • Height: 68 7/8 “
  • Max load/shelf: 11 lb

Check out the MILSBO at IKEA hereOpens in a new tab.


The FABRIKOR introduces vintage style with a modern design, and the frame is made from a metal alloy. It brings about nostalgia of a time where retro was modern, and curves were in.


  • Width: 31 7/8 “
  • Depth: 16 1/2 “
  • Height: 44 1/2 “
  • Max load/shelf: 22 lb

Check out the FABRIKOR at IKEA hereOpens in a new tab.


The BILLY is a modern, sleek bookcase that can be used to house your collectibles which features glass doors. Granted, the sides and back are not transparent, but this bookshelf brings with it an elegance that no other display case has.


  • Width: 31 1/2 “
  • Depth: 11 3/4 “
  • Height: 79 1/2 “
  • Max load/shelf: 66 lb

Check out the BILLY at IKEA hereOpens in a new tab.


The BRIMNES glass door cabinet is similar in regards to the BILLY; however, it comes across as more formal and refined. It does have less of a viewing angle than the other display cabinets; however, its design cannot be overlooked.


  • Width: 31 1/2 “
  • Depth: 13 3/4 “
  • Height: 74 3/4 “
  • Max load/shelf: 9 lb

Check out the BRIMNES at IKEA hereOpens in a new tab.


The RUDSTA is a minimalistic cabinet with two variants and is fantastic because it has glass sides that make your collectibles visible from almost any viewing angle. Sophisticated and coming across almost as vintage, it would look great in any room.


  • Width: 31 1/2 “
  • Depth: 14 5/8 “
  • Height: 47 1/4 “
  • Max load/shelf: 20 lb

Check out the RUDSTA at IKEA hereOpens in a new tab.


The KLINGSBO, you could say, is the supped-up version of the DETOLF, which is constructed out of a solid metal alloy frame and has a 360-degree viewing angle. It does cost more than the DETOLF; however, it is much more appealing and eyecatching.


  • Width: 17 3/4 “
  • Depth: 15 3/4 “
  • Height: 70 7/8 “
  • Max load/shelf: 15 lb

Check out the KLINGSBO at IKEA hereOpens in a new tab.


The BILLY is our last cabinet, and it is designed as a bookcase with glass doors. What separates this bookcase from the others reviewed in this article is that its viewing angle (the glass door panels) is much larger and the visibility to the case’s interior is more apparent. Sleek, sophisticated, and elegant, it would be a superb fit in any collector’s office.


  • Width: 31 1/2 “
  • Depth: 11 3/4 “
  • Height: 79 1/2 “
  • Max load/shelf: 66 lb

Check out the BILLY at IKEA hereOpens in a new tab.


We discovered that a display cabinet to show off your collectibles is almost or is as important as your collectibles themselves. To own such high-end collectibles like Sideshow figures and Hot Toys is a fantastic feat in and of itself because this hobby is not a cheap one.

These collectibles deserve to have a place worthy of calling home, and sometimes a bookshelf just won’t do it. We listed eight of the best display cases under $200 that you can opt to purchase for your collectibles, and these are by far the best variations that we have come across.

Owning one of these display cabinets will give you the option to house and pose your collectibles that will bring you more joy from this fantastic hobby.  

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