9 Awesome Hot Toys YouTubers You will Love to Subscribe To

Are you new to the universe of 1/6 scale collectibles (especially Hot Toys), and you are trying to figure out and digest a ton of information, some of which you cant even obtain. Check out these YouYube channels for the low down on Hot Toys

The best YouTubers to follow in terms of relevant news and videos on Hot Toys are Jedha Patrol, King Zachary V, Marlo the Collector, Rob Toys, Budget Stark, Justin’s Collection, Toys Zone D, Man of Hot Collectibles, and Josh Pence. These channels provide news, unboxing and reveals, previews, reviews, comparison videos, and more.  

We are going to describe and detail the best YouTube channels for obtaining the most relevant up-to-date news and information about Hot Toys and collectibles there are. These channels are similar in terms of they feature content about Hot Toys. However, they all are very different and should be worth consideration.  

Justin’s Collection

Affiliated with the company based in Hong Kong, Justin’s Collection is arguably the biggest Hot Toys Youtube influencer there is. With a quarter-million subscribers, Justin’s main focus of the channelOpens in a new tab. is unboxing and revealing high-end collectibles. He literally has hundreds of videos unboxing and revealing DC, Marvel, and Star Wars collectibles. His videos include detailing and outlining all the features and any special characteristics a collectible may have.

Jedha Patrol

Next on our list has to be Jedha Patrol, whose channel is run by a YouTuber called Ryan. Ryans channel has a variety of content from unboxing and reveals to comparison videos, how to pose your collectibles, current and upcoming collectible toy news, and more. Definitely a channelOpens in a new tab. worth checking out.

Josh Pence

Josh Pence is yet another YouTuber associated with a major online toy store, and this toy store’s name is called Big Bad Toy Store. Josh has almost 30 thousand followers, a little less than  Jedha Patrol, but nevertheless, his YouTube channel has been going since 2010. The content on his channelOpens in a new tab. is based around vlogs about toys and mainly high-end collectibles.

Marlo the Collector

Marlo’s channel branches out a little and includes reviews, comparisons, and unboxing collectibles from various high-end manufacturers such as Hot Toys, Sideshow Collectibles, NECA, and more. Although not a Hot Toys specific channel, he does offer some great content, and you will see videos on collectibles that you did not even know existed. With almost 60 thousand subscribers, he must be doing something right.

Budget Stark

From a YouTube toy influencer that touches on Hot Toys to one that is completely obsessed with them, Budget Stark (Anthony) does many vlogging videos related to Hot Toys. His videos include unboxing and reveals as well as some unexpected videos which are rather niche, and they include tips and tricks for collectors, revealing prototype collectibles, vlogging about Toy Soul, which is a toy expo based in Hong Kong. However, he specifies that his channel is primarily about 1/6 scale Hot Toys and Iron Man collectibles in particular. A great channelOpens in a new tab. with just over 40 thousand subscribers. Definitely worth having a look at.

King Zachary V

Now the next couple of YouTubers may not have a ton of subscribers, and in fact, they don’t have that many at all, perhaps a handful of thousands. However, these YouTubers have hundreds of videos with great content regarding Hot Toys. It’s just that not many people know about them.

Take, for instance, our first YouTuber with not that many followers, King Zachary, who prides himself as being a Hot Toys historian and a 1/6 scale expert, not to mention that the channel was started all the way back in 2011. If you peruse his video list, you will notice a ton of relevant content relating to Hot Toys regarding announcements, news, tips, previews, reviews, and more. This channel is definitely underrated, and you should take the time to view this contentOpens in a new tab..

Man of Hot Collectibles

Another YouTuber with only a handful of subscribers but a ton of awesome Hot Toys content, this channel features comparison videos, live streaming news regarding Hot Toys, how to pose videos, unboxing and review videos, collection tours, collectibles previews, and more. This channelOpens in a new tab. is fantastic and worth your consideration.

Rob Toys

Rob is just your everyday joe that likes to collect toys, Hot Toys included. From Jakarta, Indonesia, Rob has managed to accrue over 30 thousand followers on his YouTube channel, making simple unboxing and reveal videos. Although Rob ToysOpens in a new tab. is not as fancy as some of the other channels, this channel is always consistent and up to date.

Toys Zone D

The last channel that we will mention is the channel Toys Zone D. This channel has the most subscribers we have come across for a channel related to 1/6 scale collectibles. It has more than 300 000 (three hundred thousand) subscribers. A singular entity runs the channel, and from what we can tell, they are based in Hong Kong and have a website. Most of the content here is based on unboxing and the revealing of 1/6 scale collectibles. This channel is also always up to date with new content and new collectibles.


There are actually quite a few individuals that have taken up the role of 1/6 scale collectible YouTube influencers. Furthermore there subscriber list manages to go into the hundreds of thousands for some of them.

Do remember, though, that even if a channel does not have a tone of subscribers, that does not mean they have poor quality content. We listed a few such channels for you.

All the channels we listed focus primarily on Hot Toys, providing constant up-to-date videos of current Hot Toys news, unboxing and reveals, previews, reviews, and much more. If you like, be sure to subscribe and ring the notification bell to always catch their latest videos.

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