Are Hot Toys Collectables a Waste of Money?

You may be wondering why Hot Toys are so expensive if you are new to the world of scaled collectible models and statutes from various media. Even if you are a bystander wondering what the catch is to these expensive collectibles, you may be assuming that they are a waste of money. Contrary to that belief, they could actually turn out to be quite an investment.

Hot Toys are expensive; however, they would not be classified as a waste of money due to their ROI being 25 percent. Some Rare Hot Toys even sell for tens of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, due to certain factors like them being limited editions, hand-made, coveted, and of high quality, their price rarely, if ever, goes down, making them an investment.

Let’s look at how expensive Hot Toys are and then relate those prices to outside factors that can influence our understanding of whether they are a waste of money.

How expensive are Hot Toys?

If you are a collector or are thinking about joining the world of 1/6 scale collectibles, statues, diecast models, 1/4 scale collectibles, etc., then no doubt you have come across Hot Toys. This is because they are the most sought after collectibles that an enthusiast could want due to them being rated the top collectibles globally for several years now. Their collectibles portray the most fantastic detail and lifelikeness, and due to this, they are considered the best and also come with a hefty price tag.

When purchasing a Hot Toys collectible, it will be unlikely that you will pay under $100 dollars, and you would more than likely be looking at a couple hundred and more often than not leaning into the thousands of dollars range.

If you are new to the world of acquiring collectibles, then you may think that the price tag associated with these collectibles is a tad overboard and is a waste of your hard-earned money (they are only toys, after all). However, it would help if you considered some factors before jumping to a conclusion because there is a method to the madness.

Do Hot Toys increase in price over time?

One thing to note is that Hot Toys prices actually increase over time. We are not talking about inflation. We are actually talking about price increase relative to certain factors. These factors include many variables such as;

  • Hot Toys are of the highest quality
  • They are coveted
  • They are technically always a limited production no matter the series
  • They are hand made
  • They take a long time to make (sometimes over a year)
  • Production runs are rarely, if ever, reproduced
  • They are made in one location and are not mass manufactured on an assembly line

Are Hot Toys considered an investment?

If you think that they are a waste of money, then due to this reason alone, you may be mistaken. In actual fact, they are considered an investment. One collector and YouTube influencer, King ZacharyOpens in a new tab., actually worked out the ROI (Return of Investment) of Hot Toys from 2008 and came to the conclusion that the ROI on Hot Toys is actually 25%.

How much have the most expensive Hot Toys sold for?

If you are one of the lucky collectors to get your hands on one of the most sought after Hot Toys collectibles at launch, you will be surprised to know that the retail price is nothing compared to the price that some of them can sell for on the secondary market like eBay. As we said, the ROI of Hot Toys is about 25 percent, but some skyrocket in price due to very limited numbersOpens in a new tab. available and other factors.

Some Hot Toys that were a few hundred dollars at launch are now worth thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars.

Take, for instance, the Joint Promotional Iron Man MK VI. Originally this production runOpens in a new tab. consisted of 3000 collectibles and cost around $359.99 at launch. Nowadays, on eBayOpens in a new tab., they go for about $1300. Not to mention the Joint Promotional version, where only 16 pieces were made, and they now sell for $20 000 and above.


We can conclude that if you choose to purchase Hot Toys either as a hobby or for investment purposes, they are technically not a waste of money. The ROI of a Hot Toy is about 25 percent, and some sell for thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars from their original retail price of a mere couple of hundred dollars.

They may be expensive, but just because something is expensive and in this case, these collectibles are considered “a toy” in a sense, so one would think that they are a waste of money; however, as you can see, this is far from the truth.

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