Are Hot Toys made in China?

China is synonymous with poor quality and mass production of fake goods. This can be a concern to a collector of 1/6 scale high-end collectibles, primarily when so many fakes are being produced in China, and Hot Toys is based in China. So is that where the collectibles are made?

According to the Hot Toys official website, the Hot Toys design, marketing, and logistics teams are all located in their Headquarters in Hong Kong, China. Whereas the specialized team for manufacturing the costumes, weapons, and accessories is based in Korea.

Let’s consider various factors concerning Hot Toys as a company, especially relating to the quality of their products, and then let’s detail other factors that could suggest whether or not their collectibles are actually produced in China. These factors will include quality control, distributors, and their toy stores.

Hot Toys company overview

Hot Toys are arguably the best made 1/6 and 1/4 scale collectibles from media such as film, television, video games, and comic books in the world. Many companies make scaled collectibles, but none quite make them as lifelike and detailed as Hot Toys, and hence they are known as the leaders in the industry.

Founded in 2000, the company initially focused on producing 1/6 scale United States military forces action figures before they made the transition to high-end collectibles. Even though this is the most prominent high-end collectible toy company in the world, there is actually not too much information listed about them; however, we will determine through a process of elimination and verified information where their production house and other facilities are based, and if it is truly based in China.

Toy companies in china make poor quality toys, or do they?

Many toys and toy manufacturers are made and based in China, and even the headquarters of Hot Toys is based in Hong KongOpens in a new tab.. Products and services derived from China are usually synonymous with poor quality. However, this is not the case for Hot Toys, and we will discover where the manufacturing of their high-end quality collectibles are actually produced in a little while.

Hot Toys synonymous with quality

Jesse FalconOpens in a new tab., Director of Hard Lines and Merchandising of Marvel, states that one of the most significant elements about working with Hot Toys the company is that they have such a commitment to innovate their own products. On many occasions, he has seen designs go through approvals and then is blown away when he actually holds them in his hands.

The Hot Toys team is constantly challenging themselves and trying to raise the bar by asking how they can make their collectibles better. Ryan Meinerding, Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development, describes Hot Toys (the company) as being set apart from the rest because of the amount of detail put into each and every collectible. When you look at a figure, it actually looks like the actor or character they are trying to depict, and that is just something memorable.

One would think with such individuals being the head of significant franchises, they would not give their licensing rights to a company based in China due to low quality of standards. However, we can see from these interviews with these senior executives that this is not the case. So is Hot Toys based in China? Let’s continue to find out.

Where do Hot Toys distributors ship to?

Distributors that are partnered up with Hot Toys distribute their collectibles worldwide and even ship to greater China and Korea parts. These distributors include Sideshow Collectibles (another company based in the United States that also produce their own statutes and scaled collectibles from various media). Sideshow Collectibles distribute Hot Toys to the United States, North and South America, Europe, and most countries in Asia. One would think that if Hot Toys is based in China, then they would not need a distributor to ship to China?

Where is the Hot Toys store based

Hot Toys had an official store called Toy Hunters that in 2010 was recognized as one of the 50 best independent shops in Hong Kong by Time Out Magazine. Furthermore, in 2013, their new and current flagship store called “Secret BaseOpens in a new tab.” was launched and is located in the popular Hong Kong district of Mong Kok. So does this mean that their production house is based in Hong Kong?

Are Hot Toys made in China

After going through the various information that we collected, we could safely assume that Hot Toys is based in Hong Kong.

According to the official Hot Toys websiteOpens in a new tab., the Hot Toy’s production, design, marketing, and logistics team are actually based at their headquarters, which is situated in Hong Kong, China.

However, one thing to note is that their specialized team for making costumes, weapons, and accessories is based in Korea.


We conclude that just because a product comes from China does not mean it is mass-produced and made of low-quality standards. Hot Toys has its headquarters in Hong Kong, China, as well as its production, design, marketing, and logistics team. They produce what collectors of these 1/6 scale models deem to be the best in the world.

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