Are Sideshow Collectibles Worth It? Pros & Cons in 2021

The art of collecting figures, statues, and prop replicas inspired by your favorite entertainment franchises is becoming increasingly popular. In an age of rapid digitalization, where streaming is our default means of media consumption, Sideshow Collectibles offers a tangible alternative to showing your love for your favorite characters. These are the advantages and disadvantages of Sideshow’s Collectibles.

Since its inception, Sideshow has been committed to manufacturing and distributing only the highest quality licensed and original products. With an impressive selection of detailed and durable products that will increase with value over time, there are many advantages (and a few disadvantages) to starting your Sideshow collection.

It doesn’t matter if you started your collection from a place of love for your favorite characters or because you read about the resale value of collectibles – you’re here now. These are the pros and cons of purchasing Sideshow Collectibles in this day and age!

The Pros and Cons of Sideshow Collectibles

Collecting figural art based on your favorite pop culture properties has become a popular hobby since the inception of Sideshow Collectibles in the 1990s. These are the benefits and possible drawbacks of buying collectibles from their impressive selection!

You’ll Never Run Out of Options (But There Might be Too Many to Choose From)

Pro: Sideshow Collectibles is not only a manufacturer of licensed and original figures, statues, and prop replicas, but they’re an international distributor too. From their collection of Hot Toys to Prime 1 Studio, they’ve got it all. In fact, you can even shop by brand, manufacturer, or character. When you’re shopping on Sideshow’s website, it’s not about finding a statue of Batman’s rival The Joker; it’s about deciding which one of their many available options you’ll settle on. Who knows, maybe soon you’ll be Sideshow’s featured collector of the week!

Con: If you’re a naturally indecisive person, you might struggle to settle on the right collectible for your collection. With more than a hundred manufacturers that are stocked on Sideshow’s online site, you might be hard-pressed deciding on just one collectible to purchase. Two or three is fine too!

Just through their studio walkthroughs, you can glimpse the many collectibles that line their hallways – and could be in yours!

Collectibles are Durable Valuables (But They Can Also Be Costly)

Pro: Your love of pop culture could come with financial benefits you’re not fully aware of. If a comic book is left in mint condition, its resale value goes up in the future – the same goes for Sideshow Collectibles. By showing your love for your favorite films, series, and games, you could be creating investments into your future. Luckily, Sideshow’s high-end products are known to be durable, letting them collect more value as they age. In fact, the very act of collecting them could help you manage your finances better in order to steadily grow your collection.

Con: Buying collectibles can be a costly hobby, especially with such a diverse range of products available for purchase. However, Sideshow Collectibles offers various benefits to buying their products. From getting $15 off your first purchase to collecting rewards points when you buy collectibles, you always get more out! Sideshow even allows for flexible payment plans for their most popular items. This all depends on how far you want to take your collection!

For more information on the resale value of Sideshow Collectibles, Youtuber RobotOnline breaks down his impressive collection, from what he paid for his collectibles to what they are worth today, more than a decade later.

In another video, RobotOnline also discusses the long-term durability of his collectibles purchased from Sideshow.

It’s More Than an Online Shop (Unless You Don’t Want It to Be)

Pro: From Sideshow’s online forum to the YouTube community that has developed around these collectibles, your collectibles can help connect you with like-minded individuals. Have you ever watched an episode of your favorite series and didn’t know who to talk to about it? With nearly half a million collectors across the world, sharing your love with your fellow collectors is easier than ever.

Con: Sideshow can be more than an online shop… if you want it to be. If you bought figural art of Gollum from Lord of the Rings, you could share your excitement online, or you could keep him all to yourself as your precious. It’s entirely up to you!

If you can watch this video about Sideshow and not want to be a part of the community, then maybe collectibles aren’t for you! Your grandparents might be able to give you some tips on collecting stamps or coins if you prefer that.


Whether it was showing your love for your favorite characters or the sheer durability and resale value that attracted you to the art of collecting, you’re here now! No matter your motivation, there are plenty of benefits of collecting figures, statues, and prop replicas – now and in ten years. Get collecting today because you never know where your collection could take you tomorrow.

Love is the answer, buy what you love and buy it where you can.


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