Which Hot Toys Iron Man Is The Best To Buy?

The first Hot Toys Iron Man was released in 2009 and was an instant success. Iron Man is even one of Hot Toys’ most coveted collectibles. Furthermore, there are almost 100 variations from movies and comic books that they have made. So which is best?

There are approximately 68 Iron Man Hot Toys and to determine which is best is relative. One could consider different factors in deciding which is best. Is it price related, the material it is made from, how popular it is, the increased ROI over time, how many accessories it comes with, the size, and more? A collector would have to decide this based on his preference.

Let’s look at the Hot Toys Iron Man from its inception, and we’ll discuss why they are so coveted. We’ll also look at the various types of Iron Man Hot Toys and what they come with. Then we’ll list every single Iron Man Hot Toys has produced till now so you can look at each one, and finally, we’ll conclude what you should consider when trying to determine which Iron Man is best to buy.

Hot Toys Iron Man overview

Iron Man is probably the most famous and coveted Hot Toys collectible you can get. Preorders get sold out when one is due for release, and there is always a scramble by collectors to get their hands on one before anyone else.

Their secondary value is usually worth more than the retail price (one specific Iron Man collectible is even worth over $20 000), and they always have limited runs. Needless to say, Iron Man Hot Toys are the coolest, so which is the best?

What is the most expensive Iron Man Hot Toy?

The most expensive Hot Toys Iron Man to date was the Joint Promotional MK.VIOpens in a new tab. that was released in 2012. The original movie promo edition was released with 3000 units. However, there was another version where only 16 of these collectibles were manufactured. These are so rare that if you find them on eBay, they will sell upwards of $20 000.

What types of Iron Man Hot Toys are there?

Hot Toys manufacture their collectibles using either plastic or, more recently, diecast. The evolution of the Iron Man collectible can be seen going from the initial plastic MK III to the rereleased Mark II in diecast format.

Diecast really brings out the essence of Iron Man and when compared to its plastic counterpart. Furthermore, enthusiasts and collectors also prefer it because it gives a more lifelike quality to the collectible. Not specifically a type but rather a quality, you also get different size Iron Mans, namely 1/4 and 1/6 scale.

What do the Iron Man Hot Toys come with?

The Hot Toys Iron Man collectibles can come with a wide variety of features and extra gear. Most of them feature approximately 36 points of articulation, interchangeable body, and armor parts. They also either feature stands, bases, or dioramas.

When was the first Iron Man Hot Toy released?

The first Iron Man and coincidentally the first Marvel character from the Marvel Range of Hot Toys was Iron Man Mark III, which was announced on the 23rd July 2008 and released on the 24th April 2009.

If you are lucky enough to pick up one of these on eBayOpens in a new tab., they will set you back almost triple the MSRP.

How many Iron Man Hot Toys are there?

There are approximately 68 Iron Man collectibles that Hot Toys have made in total. In fact, the first three collectibles in the Hot Toys Marvel range were all based on Iron Man. We have listed all the Iron Man Hot Toys from the most recent to the first one that was released in 2009.

Full List of Iron Man
Figures from Hot Toys
Sale price
Product Code
Iron Man Mark V (Reissue)Opens in a new tab.December 1, 2020$405.00MMS586D36
Iron Man Mark IV (Holographic)Opens in a new tab.July 21, 2020$330.00MMS568
Iron Man Mark XLVII (Reissue)Opens in a new tab.August 21, 2020$374.00MMS427D19
Iron Man Mark LXXXV
(Battle Damaged)Opens in a new tab.
Iron Man Mark LXXXV
(Battle Damaged Special)Opens in a new tab.
Iron Man Mark LXXXVOpens in a new tab.December 21, 2020$423.00MMS528D30
Neon Tech Iron Man 2.0Opens in a new tab.August 2, 2019$380.00MMS523D29
Iron Man Mark XLIII (Reissue)Opens in a new tab.November 9, 2019$360.00MMS278D09
Iron Man Mark VIIOpens in a new tab.October 23, 2019$433.00MMS500D27
Iron Man Mark L AccessoriesOpens in a new tab.
Iron Man Mark XLVI (Concept Art)Opens in a new tab.November 5, 2018$377.00MMS489D25
Iron Man Mark IV (Neon Tech)Opens in a new tab.August 2, 2018$385.00MMS485D24
Iron Man Mark LOpens in a new tab.March 28, 2019$407.00MMS473D23
Iron Man Mark IV (Suit-Up Gantry)Opens in a new tab.September 7, 2018$635.00MMS462D22
Iron Man Mark IVOpens in a new tab.September 7, 2018$345.00MMS461D21
Iron Man Mark IIOpens in a new tab.July 3, 2018$330.00MMS431D20
Iron Man Mark XLVIIOpens in a new tab.September 28, 2017$354.99MMS427D19
Iron Man Mark XLVII (Movie Promo)Opens in a new tab.June 24, 2017$189.99PPS004
Iron Man Mark XXIII ShadesOpens in a new tab.August 11, 2017$250.00MMS415
Iron Man Mark XLI Bones (Retro Armor)Opens in a new tab.June 3, 2017$300.00MMS412
Iron Man Mark VOpens in a new tab.March 30, 2018$344.99MMS400D18
Iron Man Mark XV Sneaky (Retro Armor)Opens in a new tab.January 10, 2017$264.99MMS396
Iron Man Mark XXX Blue SteelOpens in a new tab.January 19, 2017$229.99MMS391
Iron Man Mark VIOpens in a new tab.January 1, 2018$359.99MMS378D17
Iron Man Mark XXVII DiscoOpens in a new tab.August 3, 2016$249.99MMS371
Iron Man Mark XLVIOpens in a new tab.May 2, 2017$344.99MMS353D16
Iron Man Mark XV SneakyOpens in a new tab.November 8, 2016 $264.99MMS348
Iron Man Mark XLVIOpens in a new tab.March 14, 2017$189.99PPS003
Iron Man Mark XLIIOpens in a new tab.June 27, 2016$309.99MMS340D14
Iron Man Mark XXVI GammaOpens in a new tab.December 18, 2015$264.99MMS332
Iron Man Mark VII (Sub-Zero)Opens in a new tab.October 5, 2016$297.99MMS329
Iron Man Mark III (Stealth Mode)Opens in a new tab.September 19, 2015$309.99MMS314D12
Iron Man Mark XL ShotgunOpens in a new tab.April 5, 2016$284.99MMS309
Iron Man XXIV TankOpens in a new tab.August 14, 2015$299.99MMS303
Iron Man Mark XLVOpens in a new tab.May 20, 2016$354.99MMS300D11
Iron Man HulkbusterOpens in a new tab.September 25, 2017 $824.99MMS285
Iron Man Mark VII (Stealth Mode)Opens in a new tab.April 27, 2015$339.99MMS282
Iron Man Mark XLIII April 1, 2015 $344.99MMS278D09
Iron Man Mark XXV StrikerOpens in a new tab.October 30, 2015  $279.99MMS277
Iron Man Mark XXII Hot RodOpens in a new tab.December 28, 2014$294.99MMS272D08
Iron Man Mark XXXVI PeacemakerOpens in a new tab.November 7, 2014$269.99MMS258
Iron Man Mark IIIOpens in a new tab.July 7, 2015$309.99MMS256D07
Iron Man Mark XLI BonesOpens in a new tab.June 9, 2015 $284.99MMS251
Iron Man Mark XX PythonOpens in a new tab.July 5, 2014$269.99MMS248
Iron Man Mark XXXVIIIOpens in a new tab.January 2, 2015$509.99MMS215
Iron Man Mark XXXIX StarboostOpens in a new tab.December 6, 2014$269.99MMS214
Iron Man Mark XXXIII Silver CenturionOpens in a new tab.June 30, 2014 $249.99MMS213
Iron Man Mark XVII HeartbreakerOpens in a new tab.October 3, 2014$249.99MMS212
Iron Man Mark XXI MidasOpens in a new tab.October 2, 2013 $299.99MMS208
Iron Man Mark XXXV Red SnapperOpens in a new tab.May 14, 2014 $254.99PPS002
Iron Man Mark XLIIOpens in a new tab.July 7, 2014$309.99MMS197D02
Iron Man Battle Damaged Mark VIIOpens in a new tab.October 5, 2013$294.99MMS196
Iron Man Mark XLIIOpens in a new tab.December 11, 2013$164.99PPS001
Iron Man Mark VIIOpens in a new tab.May 24, 2013$249.99MMS185
Iron Man Mark VI (Movie Promo)Opens in a new tab.July 4, 2012$189.99MMS171
Iron Man Mark I 2.0Opens in a new tab.August 22, 2012$219.99MMS168
Iron Man Mark IV (Suit-Up Gantry)Opens in a new tab.May 30, 2012$499.99MMS160
Iron Man Mark IV (Secret Project)Opens in a new tab.August 8, 2011$214.99MMS153
Iron Man Mark II (Armor Unleashed)Opens in a new tab.January 31, 2012$209.99MMS150
Iron Man Mark VOpens in a new tab.November 6, 2011$209.99MMS145
Iron Man Mark VIOpens in a new tab.May 29, 2011$179.99MMS132
Iron Man Mark IVOpens in a new tab.December 12, 2010$179.99MMS123
Iron Man Mark III (Battle Damaged)Opens in a new tab.March 25, 2010$179.99MMS110
Iron Man Mark III (Gunmetal)Opens in a new tab.$179.99MMS101
Iron Man Mark IOpens in a new tab.$159.99MMS80
Iron Man Mark IIOpens in a new tab.$159.99MMS78
Iron Man Mark IIIOpens in a new tab.April 24, 2009$159.99MMS75

Which Hot Toys Iron Man is the best to buy then?

Best is a relative term and would most likely change from one collector to another. Do you prefer plastic to diecast, many points of articulation, what about the size? Do you pick newer collectibles, or do you like collecting older versions? Do you choose versions from movies or comic books? Other factors also include which collectibles are popular and mainstream and which are a good investment.

These factors and more will come into play, and so will price when deciding which is the best Hot Toys Iron Man. Hence it will be up to you, the collector, to determine your preferences and purchase a Hot Toys Iron Man based on that.


We discovered that the list of Hot Toys Iron Man collectibles would soon reach 100, and deciding which one is the best is a difficult task indeed. There are many popular ones, expensive ones, ones with more gear, ones with more points of articulation, ones made from plastic, and ones made from diecast metal.

All in all, at the end of the day you should choose an Iron Man that you enjoy. This is because, after all, this hobby and most hobbies should bring joy into your life, and you should not worry about other factors that will most likely give you anxiety and cause you stress. What’s the point then.

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