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If you’ve seen Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame, then you know why you need this Captain America sixth scale figure from Hot Toys and Sideshow. Since first appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve Rogers has saved the world time and time again, across two centuries. You will be able to commemorate his legacy with this one-of-a-kind figure!

More detailed than ever before, this Captain America figure – based on the character’s appearance in Avengers: Endgame – brings Steve Rogers to life on your shelf. From the detailed interchangeable head sculpts painted by experts to the wide variety of weapons from the Marvel Cinematic Universe that come with this release, this figure is Endgame.

Honoring a superhero of Captain America’s caliber is no easy feat, but this figure from Hot Toys makes it a little easier. If you’re not sure whether or not to add this figure to your collection, we’ve broken down the contents and reviews of this Captain America release for you.

What’s in the Box?

Captain America comes fully armed (or disarmed, if you so choose) in this release! Modeled after actor Chris Evans’ portrayal of Steve Rogers in Endgame, this figure is highly customizable, featuring 30 points of articulation that bring the Captain to life on your shelf. Whether he’s in battle or not, winning or losing, the Endgame is now in your hands.

Captain America comes with two head sculpts, one helmeted and one without the helmet. The helmeted head sculpt comes with three interchangeable facial expressions. The two head sculpts are hand-painted, with detailed facial features and skin texture. Being a superhero across two centuries is hard work; wrinkles are bound to appear!

Whether you want the Cap to be holding his shield with both hands, throwing it with his right hand, or catching it with his left, the seven distinct pairs of gloved hands give you the power. From his iconic suit to his knee and elbow pads, Captain America is ready to defeat Thanos.

No superhero is equipped without their weapons. This figure comes with an arsenal of weapons from Avengers: Endgame. Steve Rogers is ready for battle from the Captain’s iconic shield to Thor’s hammer. The figure also comes with a broken shield damaged in battle, along with two remaining pieces.

Suppose you get the special edition of this Captain America release from Avenger’s Endgame. In that case, you’ll also get an added tesseract from the film, Loki’s scepter, and some blue lighting effect accessories for Thor’s hammer. No matter which version you get, both bases feature memorable movie-logo designs that are befitting of this beautifully sculpted figure.

This Figure is Endgame

If you’ve seen Avengers: Endgame, then you are aware of why this figure is so important! This highly customizable figure could be the perfect way to honor Captain America through your collection – but what do the reviews say?

While the Captain’s shield is made of plastic instead of diecast, it makes it easier for the figure to hold the shield. Plastic is used for Thor’s hammer, which means that it’s less heavy than previous diecast versions released alongside prior films. This actually protects your figure from accidentally losing a hand due to the sheer weight of Thor’s shield.

While plastic is used instead of diecast may seem like a strange decision, many fans were relieved with this change. Your figure will be able to stay in place where you position it without any parts becoming too heavy for it! This increases your Captain America figure’s shelf life, no pun intended.

While certain inconsistencies in the earlier D23 version have been corrected in the final version, one of the final version’s inconsistencies was the placement of the straps on the Captain’s shield, which many fans noticed after the figure’s initial unveiling. However, when one looks closely at the head sculpts and how detailed they are, it really shows how much work has gone into the figure in making it resemble Chris Evans’ appearance in the films.

Suppose you were to compare this Captain America figure to earlier ones released, such as the one released with the Captain America: Civil War. In that case, you’d see the clear improvement in the quality and resemblance to the Captain we know and love. Even comparing the final Avengers: Endgame Captain America to the D23 version shows how much talent and dedication has gone into this release.

D23 Expo version unboxing:

Final release version unboxing:


Whether you’ve been a diehard fan since the comics or you’re a recent Captain America convert, this figure is the one for you. More detailed than ever before, this release is the perfect way to honor the many sacrifices made by Steve Rogers in his fight to save humanity. Whether he’s wielding his iconic shield or lifting Thor’s hammer, the choices are yours when you get your hands on this release. 

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