Hot Toys as an Investment? Ask the Man who Knows

Are you wondering if Hot Toys are really worth the money and the investment? Would you like to know if there are actually individuals out there who consider this to be true and who collect Hot Toys as a hobby and as an investment? Read on to find out.

Kin Zachary (YouTube influencer) calculates Hot Toys’ ROI from 2008 and projects them to return 25%. Furthermore. Other YouTube influencers (Jedha Patrol, Big Dub, and Justin’s collection) with extensive collections also tend to purchase Hot Toys not only as a hobby but for investment.

Let’s take a look at the ROI of a Hot Toy and if it truly is an investment. Then let’s take a look at some of the biggest collections of Hot Toys to try and understand the methodology of why these collectors purchase and invest in Hot Toys.

Hot Toys as an investment overview

Over the past two decades, Hot Toys have risen to the realm of super status and are not only the world’s most beloved and sought-after 1/6th scale collectible, but they have also grown in value.

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It is no secret that Hot Toys are expensive due to many factors, which include them being handmade and being limited in quantity. Hence, people have started to invest in them because once a series is created, there is rarely (with the exception of a handful) a second production run. King ZacharyOpens in a new tab. projects the ROI for a Hot Toy to be 25%.

If you would like to know more about Hot Toys as an investment, check out my article here on Why Hot Toys are so Expensive The Naked Truth and How Much Are Hot Toys Collectables And How Do Their Value Fluctuate here.

How expensive can Hot Toys get?

Due to the fact that each series of Hot Toys is actually a limited edition, some are extremely rare (some series like the Iron Man MK VI joint promotional versionOpens in a new tab. were limited to 16 collectibles total). The estimated value of one, if you can find it is worth a staggering $20 000, which is as much as one individual’s collection that we are going to discuss below. One of these even sold for a whopping $36 000.

Who has the biggest collection of Hot Toys?

Below is a list of some other Youtube influencers who have invested a ton of money into Hot Toys. We are not talking about five or ten or even twenty Hot Toys. We are talking about Hundreds. The individuals below do not just purchase Hot Toys because it is a hobby that they enjoy and even love, but they also have realized the value of these limited collectibles and have doubled up their hobby up as an investmentOpens in a new tab..

Jedha Patrol – Ryan Jones

Jedha Patrol, also known as Ryan Jones, is an influencer on YouTube with just such a collection. To keep in mind, throughout hiOpens in a new tab.s collection of Hot Toys that cost in excess of $20 000, Ryan does not collect D.C. collectibles. He focuses on Marvel and Star Wars for his Primary Hot Toys collection.

Big Dub – Brian

Although these videos are courtesy of Josh Pence, the collection is that of Big Dub. Both of these individuals are on YouTube and have their own channels. Big Dub’s collection is not calculated by its total net worth because there are just too many collectibles to count and calculate.  Brian literally has hundreds of Hot Toys, and he knows how much of an investment they are. Brians collection is so extensive that Josh had to do a two-part seriesOpens in a new tab. just to include them all.

Justin’s Collection

Although detailed research does not reveal his actual name (this is probably due to safety and personal reasons), Justin’s collection is yet another influencer on YouTube with one of the most significant Hot Toys collections you can imagine without it actually being in a store or at some convention. Unlike Ryan (Jedah Patrol), Justin’s collection spans Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and misc characters such as Terminator, Robocop, and ghostbusters.

If we had to take these three influencers and try and calculate their Hot Toy’s worth, we would come up with quite a large number.  Without boring you with the math, we can estimate these three collections to be in the value of above $100 000.


As we can see from King ZacharyOpens in a new tab. and his comparison of the MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) from a list of Hot Toys figures spanning back to 2008 and him putting them through a price index. He calculates the average for the price increase over time, and we can see that Hot Toys give you an ROI (return of investment) of about 25%.

In addition to this, we know that the various YouTube influencers have invested in their Hot Toys collection and are forever updating and collecting more. The technique they love to employ is purchasing a Hot Toy and understanding that it will go up in value and then selling it to purchase additional ones to increase their collection and investment.

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