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Hot Toys are amazing, but there comes the point in all collectors’ lives when just having them placed in a random corner is no longer good enough. Sometimes you may even have so many that you are thinking of packing away some of your rarer figures. Knowing how to display your Hot Toys is vital to having a full place where they can be kept safe and seen by your friends.

If you want to display your Hot Toys, you will need a case with a glass front, usually shelves that can be placed flush against a wall. If you do not want to display your Hot Toys, you should store them in their sealed boxes where they won’t get wet or damaged by the sun. It is vital to remember that whether you are displaying them or not, the figures should never be in direct sunlight as this will cause the paint to fade.

There are many types of cases that collectors use, and there are just as many ways that have been accepted as the proper way to store unused figures. Knowing what everything is may help you decide what you do with your figures, especially if you live in an apartment with limited space available.

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What are the Best ways to Display your Hot Toys?

Many ways have become the accepted way to display your figures, and most collectors around the world will have strong opinions about what is the perfect way to display them. Usually, the greatest thing that affects the way you are displaying them in your environment. If you live alone, it is easier to have a larger display case, while living with children may be safer to display them somewhere high up.

This is why the best display cases have several levels to be built on, allowing you to show them without worrying about dust comfortably. The best display cases have doors on each shelf, keeping everything even the worst grubby hands off them. While these figures are quite robust, some of the finer details can be easily damaged when in careless hands.

  • Full Glass Case: These are cases that are specially made for figurine showing, usually made entirely out of the glass with metal threaded bars to support everything. A full glass case will have lights in them as well, allowing you to easily light your figures in creative ways without having to put extra work into creating a light system. Most glass cases are also sealed to keep all dust out.
  • Trophy Case: This is the best way to find a good place that does not break the bank, and they are available in more styles than you could ever imagine. Trophy cases can be made out of metal entirely or be wood-lined, with glass windows. They are not limited to the look of the 100-year-old trophy case you saw in your high school.
  • Bookcase: A good alternative to glass or trophy cases, bookcases offer up the perfect space and can be found in many different shapes. More stylish than a simple glass case, with the downside of not offering much dust protection. If you are becoming a serious collector, a bookcase should only be a stopover towards getting something better.
  • Side Tables: It may seem odd but using a side table to display your collectible figures is a good way to start conversations. If you only have one or two figures, they will be perfectly safe on side tables and can add a lot of value to the styling of your home.

What is the Best Way to Store your Hot Toys?

If you collect so much that you have an overflow, you will need to store your figures somewhere safe. Many people like to use an extra room and have the figures standing on shelves; however, this usually causes them to be damaged or forgotten. There are right ways to store Hot Toys figures that will mean you can later safely resell them or put them in your new grander display case.

  • In a closed Closet: This is the best way. Safely packing the figures back into their original boxes and then packing them away in a closet is the safest way to store your figures without getting a bank to store them. A closet is a nice dark location that is extremely unlikely ever to be water damaged or get too hot, allowing your figures to stay in pristine condition until you need them again.
  • Packed in a box: A bit more gung-ho than putting them in a closet, there are scenarios where you pack up your figures and never really remove them from their box. This can be a good way to keep them safe if the box is kept in a room that is both unused and temperature controlled.
  • Storage facility: A much more complex place to store your figures as most storage facilities can be a rough place to keep anything. If you need space, this may be the only solution to keep your figures safe, be sure that the storage facility you are using has properly insulated roofs. Otherwise, things can experience extreme thermal shifts.
  • On a shelf in the garage: Sadly, the most likely place where you will find your figures once you start a family is the most dangerous place you can keep your figures. Usually, because they can experience extreme temperatures, floods if something goes wrong, or just damage from being moved all the time. However, if this is your only choice, be sure to package the figures thoroughly.


Whether you are displaying your figures or you are working on storing them safely, there are many ways that other collectors have found work the best. Following in their footsteps and doing the same as they do will ensure that your displays look great and your figures are collectible in 50 years.

Always have a place you can call your own though, nothing says a place is no longer your home when nothing being displayed is yours.

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