Where are Sideshow Collectibles Located?

Sideshow Collectibles specializes in licensed and original collectible figures, statues, and prop replicas. These collectibles are based on your favorite films, series, games, and the many iconic characters that populate those worlds. Before you can proudly display your Sideshow collectibles, however, you need to know where you find them!

Sideshow Collectibles’ head office is located in Los Angeles, but their collectibles are available across the globe. Figurines, statues, and film props are available to buy through Sideshow’s online store, which offers payment plans and a direct line between the creators and the fandom.  Sideshow products are also available in stores right across the globe.

Since the advent of Sideshow Collectibles, demand has increased exponentially. This means that Sideshow had to get creative when it came to manufacturing and distributing their product line. They came up with a unique solution to their distribution conundrum themselves, one which improved the quality of their products in the process. Whether you simply want to know where your collectibles are made, or you’re searching for places to buy them, this is your guide on where to locate Sideshow Collectibles.

Where is Sideshow Collectibles Located?

When Sideshow Collectibles was founded in 1994, they predominantly focused on crafting prototype models for larger manufacturers. This quickly changed, however! After releasing their first original line of 8-inch figurines a mere five years later, Sideshow began expanding their offerings to reflect the demand they saw from customers.

Sideshow Collectible’s head office is located in Newbury Business Park in Los Angeles. Though it might not look that way from the outside, inside is where the magic happens! Sideshow Collectibles has a team of talented professionals working tirelessly to create only the highest quality collectibles.

From conceptual artists to the professionals responsible for the detailed quality of the finished product, Sideshow Collectibles’ head office houses these talented creatives. When their prototypes are ready, more detail is added by hand before the design is approved. Once Sideshow has approved a design, it gets sent off to be manufactured. That just leaves the question of distribution.

With nearly half a million collectors across the globe, it would be impossible to have just a few stores to buy your collectibles. In addition to their own licensed merchandise that’s available to purchase, Sideshow is also the distributor of other collectible manufacturers. In fact, Sideshow Collectibles is the sole distributor of Hot Toys in Europe and North America. Hot Toys themselves are manufactured and painted in South Korea before being distributed.

When they only had one original product line – after years of making prototypes – it made sense to sell through larger distributors, such as Toys R Us. As the company expanded and its product line transformed into what it is today, distribution became trickier. With their own collectible lines that need to be manufactured and distributed, as well as other products Sideshow owns distribution rights to, getting these collectibles to the collectors was a unique challenge. Luckily, Sideshow Collectibles had the perfect solution.

Where Can I Buy Sideshow Collectibles?

Here are some of the places you can find Sideshow Collectibles!

Sideshow’s Website

www.sideshow.comOpens in a new tab.

Sideshow Collectibles’ official website is your best bet for getting your hands on that collectible you’re after! Unlike a physical shop that has limited stock and availability of products, on Sideshow’s website, the power is in your hands with an endless array of collectible options! Will you play it safe with an 8-inch figurine, or will you get a life-size statue to make a statement? The choice is yours, and there’s even a payment plan to supplement it. When you’re looking to gush about your latest collectible purchase, look no further than Sideshow’s forum filled with other collectors.

Your Local Comic Book Shop

While their selection may not be as diverse as Sideshow’s site itself, there’s no waiting for delivery with this option! Sideshow Collectible’s is a global brand known for its quality and passion in delivering exquisite collector’s items – that’s why comic book stores across the world stock them! Next time you visit your local comic book shop, be sure to ask them which Sideshow products they have in stock!

Search Online for That Real Collector’s Edition

If you’re looking for a limited-edition collectible, you should be sure to check out the secondary markets places, such as eBay. When browsing various products on Amazon, the website will give you the option to view second-hand variants of the given item that are for sale. These online avenues are great resources for those rare collectibles you accidentally let slip through your fingers. You will definitely be able to find that figurine or prop replica your collection is missing!


From their conceptualization in the Sideshow Collectibles head office in Los Angeles to their delivery wherever you are located, every care is taken in bringing you closer to the pop culture you love. Whether you buy your collectibles online or in person, you can rest assured that you’re buying only the best quality licensed and original items from Sideshow!

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