Where are Sideshow Collectibles Made?

Sideshow Collectibles is committed to closing the distance between you and your favorite characters. From conceptualization to manufacturing to distribution, every care is taken in ensuring that only the highest quality figures, statues, and prop replicas make it onto your shelf at home. However, before it gets to you, where are Sideshow’s collectibles made? Let us take a look!

Sideshow Collectibles are made and sold right across the world! Not only are they responsible for producing their own licensed and original product lines, but Sideshow is also the distributor of many other licensed collectibles from other manufacturers. Sideshow ships their figures, statues, and prop replicas from facilities across the globe.

From their early days locally producing toy prototypes in Los Angeles to their impressive selection of collectibles available for purchase through them, Sideshow Collectibles has flourished in the last two decades. Sideshow is more than a manufacturer; it’s a thriving network dedicated to showcasing the best collectibles available for purchase from across the globe.

This Is Where Sideshow Collectibles Come From

To understand where Sideshow Collectibles are made, you need some familiarity with the history of the product lines they offer and how they have expanded since their inception. Initially, Sideshow was established as a company tasked to make toy prototypes for bigger manufacturers, such as Mattel, who are responsible for toy properties such as Barbie and Hot Wheels.

Within a mere five years, Sideshow’s vision expanded with the release of their first original line in 1999: The Universal Classic Monsters 8-inch product line. This line also effectively rebranded the products that Sideshow made; no longer were they producing ‘toy’ prototypes; these were collectible figural art. Today, Sideshow offers detailed figurines, statues, and prop replicas for more than a hundred different licensed properties. From Star Wars to Harry Potter, to Game of Thrones, they even connect you to fictional places.

As their business grew to the size it is today, Sideshow knew they needed to plan the production and distribution of their products carefully. In an attempt to further improve the quality of their offerings, Sideshow created a direct line to their collectors through the advent of their online platform.

Their website facilitates the entire shopping process, from browsing to paying to shipping. In addition to this, the website’s forum brings you together with both your fellow collectors and the creators of these collectibles. This is a space where collectors can connect or even provide feedback to Sideshow.

However, in creating this platform, Sideshow did more than bring collectors together – they bought collectibles together. Sideshow is not only responsible for the manufacturing of their collection, but they are also the international distributors of many other licensed collectibles not manufactured by them. This complicates the question of where Sideshow Collectibles are made.

While some Sideshow product lines are manufactured in the United States, like their first original Universal Classic Monsters offering. However, given that Sideshow is the distributor of many other manufacturer’s products, the products available on their site are made worldwide. In Europe, North America, Australia, and more territories, Sideshow Collectibles is the sole distributor of Hot Toys, which are crafted with passion and care in South Korea.

In fact, Hot Toys is but one manufacturer that Sideshow Collectibles features on their official website. There are currently about 180 different manufactures listed on Sideshow’s site, not including their own manufacturing arm. Sideshow’s collectibles are as global as they get!

In fact, if you check out their list of stocked manufacturers on the website, you can shop by manufacturer or brand for your convenience. Perhaps you’re looking for that one piece your collection is missing from Japan-based creators, Prime 1 Studio, or maybe you’re trying to find a specific piece from Hong Kong-based studio Star Ace Toys.

No matter which brand or manufacturer you’re looking for or where you are in the world, Sideshow Collectibles has got you covered. You can get your museum-worthy collectible figures, statues, and prop replicas shipped almost anywhere worldwide. From its warehouse in California to its many international facilities, Sideshow is dedicated to bringing pop culture to your home.


Sideshow Collectibles reflects our modern ever-globalizing society. In the age of self-quarantining and social-distancing, Sideshow gets your must-have collectibles across the globe and to your front door safely! With a cutting-edge online shopping experience that even allows you to shop by brand or manufacturer, no collectible is out of reach. You can browse through the catalogs of the nearly two hundred manufacturers that are distributed by Sideshow Collectibles – and that’s all possible from your phone, tablet, or computer in the comfort of your own home. Sideshow Collectible’s and the many lines they stock may come from all across the world, but where they end up is entirely yours to decide!

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