Will Hot Toys go up in Value? Investing in Collectables 101

Hot Toys are very expensive, and you may be wondering if purchasing one is a waste of money because it is only a toy at the end of the day. Furthermore, toys don’t usually hold their value. However, there are certain aspects and factors to consider when looking at a Hot Toy, and these factors could deem them to be a worthwhile investment.

Due to factors that could be deemed to be investment qualities, Hot Toys will most likely go up in price if at the very least hold their value. This is because of the time it takes to make them, the price they cost, because they are desirable, due to them being hand made, and them having only a limited quantity of any specific series.

This article will go over what an investment is because then we can determine a Hot Toys’ value. After going over all the factors that could deem Hot Toys to be an investment, we will conclude whether they are a waste of money, hold their value, or increase in value.

How to determine if Hot Toys would be an investment

We first have to define an investment because then we can see if Hot Toys can be classified into this definition. If it can, then most likely, Hot Toys’ value will go up, and purchasing one will not waste money.

Investment is classified as an item or asset a person acquires with the long term goal of generating income or an asset or item to increase in appreciation.

The intent is not to consume the item or asset in any way once it is purchased but rather to use it in the future (long term or short term) to create wealth.

The item or asset concerns itself with the outlay (amount of money spent) in terms of investment. It can also include other factors like time and effort.

An investment can refer to a tool used for generating future income such as property, stocks, devices, intellectual property, items, and more.

Are Hot Toys considered an Investment then?

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Now that we know what an investment is, we can determine if Hot Toys hold true to this definition. Let’s look at some variables that will make things more clear.

The time in creating Hot Toys can be considered an investment

Hot Toys are not made in a day or week and are continually pushed off the assembly line. They are handcrafted limited edition collectibles that take months and even sometimes over a year to create.

The process of designing and manufacturing a Hot Toy is an intricate and detailed process costing a ton of money and countless staff-hours.

A Limited Quantity of Hot Toys can be Considered an Investment

Due to the fact that and in essence, every series of Hot Toys is a limited collectors edition, this makes them rare. What makes something valuable is how limited the quantity is and then, of course, the quality of it. For example, a diamond is very rare and, as such, can be classified as an investment.

The price of Hot Toys can be considered an investment

Hot Toys are expensive when considering they are actually just toys. However, the price of something in today’s economy determines how valuable it is. If something is usually expensive, considering other items or products of the same type are much cheaper, then that item or product carries weight, and it will typically stay that way in terms of price (it won’t go down).

Since Hot Toys are coveted and desirable, they can be considered an investment

Hot Toys are probably the most sought high-end collectibles on the planet. If you want to purchase a collectible, the brand that everybody wants is Hot Toys. No other manufacturer can compete with the demand and obsession people have with the Hot Toys brand.


With all the information we now know about what an investment is deemed to be and about Hot Toys. Hence, we can conclude that they definitely could go up in price as all investments tend to do. This has been proved by a few limited collectibles, which Hot Toys have made, that fetch for over $20 000.

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Some series contain a couple of thousand units, and even these can be termed to be an investment even if there are many more of them. This is because they are still limited to a degree, so at the very least, because of the demand and quality of Hot Toys, they won’t depreciate in value.

Finally, we can conclude that purchasing a Hot Toy is not a waste of money, and if you want to sell it in the future, maintaining that it is in mint condition, you will more than likely get your money back, or they may even skyrocket in value.

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