What Is The First Star Wars Figure Created by Hot Toys?

Hot Toys have been producing Star Wars characters from their feature films since 2012, and many people actually make the mistake of assuming which Star Wars character was Hot Toys’ first release.

This first Star Wars Character that was ever produced by Hot Toys was Luke Skywalker (Bespin Outfit) DX07 from the movie The Empire Strikes Back. It was announced November 18, 2011, and released October 17, 2012. The original retail price was approximately $299.99.

Let’s take a look at how Disney’s actions thrust the collectibles manufacturer Hot Toys into producing almost 150 Star Wars Hot Toys in the span of 9 years, and in addition to that, we’ll discover what the coolest Star Wars Hot Toy is as well as detail the first one ever made.

Hot Toys Star Wars overview

Hot Toys were popular long before the release of their ever first Star Wars Hot Toy (which we will get to in a little bit). Since its release, Hot Toys have designed and manufactured close to 150 Star Wars Hot ToysOpens in a new tab.. Suppose you have to think about it. Since 2012 when the first Star Wars collectible was released, and at the time of this article, it is the year 2021 because they have produced close to 150 Star Wars collectibles that equate to 16 models a year and approximately 1.3 collectibles a month. That is incredible no matter which way you want to look at it.

What was the first Star Wars character Hot Toy created?

The first Star Wars character that Hot Toys released in 2012 was Luke Skywalker featuring the Bespin OutfitOpens in a new tab.. The exact model name is;

If you are lucky enough to find this collectible on eBay, the going price will be between $700 to $1000.

This collectible was a deluxe edition collectible. That means it was produced for Hot Toy’s DX series and not the MMS (Movie Master Series). In addition to it featuring the Bespin Outfit, it also came with a diorama.

When the Luke Skywalker 1/6th scale collectible was released, most enthusiasts deemed it to be a once-off model because it had been almost a decade since the release of the previous Star Wars film Revenge of the Sith. Then in 2012, Disney purchased and acquired LucasFilm Ltd. They announced as soon as they had the rights to Star Wars that three more films were already in the works.

Then when the first installment of the Star Wars trilogy episode VII The Force Awakens, which was directed by JJ Abrams, was released on the big screen, Disney and Hot Toys began a massive collaboration. In the span of 5 years, more than 100 collectibles in the 1/6th scale MMS (Master Movie Series) range has been released.

As you can see with the Hot Toys based on Star Wars characters now going into triple digits, the venture was worthwhile for both companies and still continues to this day.

Besides the Marvel series that has been very successful for Hot Toys, many collectible enthusiasts say the Star Wars Hot Toys range is the most accomplished of the collectible characters that have been modeled from famous fictional films.

What is the coolest Star Wars character Hot Toys has created

That would have to be ChewbaccaMMS375Opens in a new tab.. However, this is not the 3rd Chewbacca that Hot Toys released but the one they released in 2017. The first collectible never featured sculpted fur as ChewbaccaMMS375 does.

Hot Toys founder and CEO Howard Chan could not believeOpens in a new tab. the detail and realism that the production and manufacturing team produced during 2017.

The team used special tailoring techniques, and with that, they were able to create multiple layers with various shades of soft hair resembling the Chewbacca we all know and love. This was a breakthrough in their product development, and to this day, it is a signature star wars piece

When this Hot Toy was released, the value was around $270. Finding it on eBay is relatively easy, and there are a few to choose from. If you opt for a brand new one, it will set you back between $400 and $550.


The two most popular ranges in the Hot Toys Dx (deluxe series) and MMS (Movie Master Series) are undoubtedly the Marvel and Star Wars ranges. The first Star Wars character that Hot Toys ever made was Luke Skywalker in the adept Bespin Outfit.

Due to the fact that there was a revitalization in the Star Wars franchise because Disney purchased and acquired all the rights Hot Toys begun to manufacture characters from this incredible film series and have currently almost 150 collectibles in its range. Some collectors even consider the Star Wars range of collectibles to be the best out of all the Hot Toys there are.

The coolest Star Wars character Hot Toys have ever made has to be Chewbacca; however, with the recent release of the MandalorianOpens in a new tab. and The ChildOpens in a new tab., only time will tell if Chewy will hold the title of the coolest collectible.

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